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Sometimes a brand is not only a company, but also a person. In this case, we created the brand idea from scratch, transferred the character of the founder and created the full concept of his company. Yaro Films is a company that specialises in production of commercial, fashion and music videos. His works are always performed in different styles and moods. But always — with the good taste. This we reflected in the design. Uniform style. One concept. Brand integrity. We created a logo that most accurately conveys the lifestyle and character of the founder. Minimalism in detail, maximum emphasis on the idea. All identity is our work.

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Each Yaro`s video is a separate story. We put his cases on the homepage in the form of a gallery, so the user has the opportunity to view each of them. Video are numbered — you will not get lost :) There are also the buttons to share the video you like in your social network.

There is a button on the window menu where we brought out information about Yaro, his contacts and links to social networks. We focused on his works. Vivid video clip and minimalistic black background. There is also a photo gallery where filmmaker`s photos are placed. Live brightly! That's what we want after watching his work!

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The adapted mobile version with the same minimalism. Logo, quick access to his works and convenient scrolling.


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