TAGO is an e-commerce project. We have implemented the redesign and frontend. TAGO is the brand of women's clothing for all occasions. Ukrainian designers and European solutions. These are clothes for the real, free modern woman. In this project we made the complete redesign. We added the audacity, character and courage to convey the energy of the brand. Readable graphics, minimalism and clarity. In addition, this case received the recognition by behance.

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Her morning begins with a workout, she is the leader in her work, and there is always a romantic dinner, a party or a luxurious evening alone with herself in the evening. She does not look for clothes according to seasons, she knows where to buy everything. She is not afraid of the asymmetry, fabrics and prints. She is free and knows what she wants. Therefore —the minimalistic and convenient search and filter. Categories, new collections and sales. For each position we made a description of the goods in size, technical characteristics and the ability to choose the size in the table.



She can spend as much time as she wants for shopping and return to the basket of selected items at any time. On the “Your Cart” page, we made a handy list with photos, names and prices. There is also a total purchase price in the store, as well as shopping conditions in Tago. Wish! Because you can always choose something today to get it tomorrow. For this — the “Wishlist” page.



Minimalism and severity, which are so characteristic of the brand. In addition to shopping — a blog. To keep abreast of trends, new collections and current events of Tago. The article is divided into sectors so that reading is fast and comfortable for perception. Latest news will always be in the top.


Always be aware of the story. Need after all. Isn't it interesting? We made a cool separate brand page. We divided it into blocks in order to structurally and visually convey the history of the Tago.



Everywhere! The mobile version of the site is royally adapted. Yes, guys! Everything is according to the Feng Shui of the e-commerce. And the basket, and the main menu, and quick access to the categories of the store.


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