Shleif is the shop of care and decorative cosmetics for women. Here our team made the design and the entire development. The website is currently in the launch process. The main task was a full-fledged online store for Her. The convenient search and filter, the categories by the areas and brands of cosmetics, financial basket and brand information about the Shleif.

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Our task was to make the most convenient and minimally overloaded online store of women’s beauty products. We chose the delicate colors to convey Her tenderness. We have taken the geometry of the media as a basis in order to convey Her character. We made a catalog by category so that She could quickly find what She was looking for. She can also filter products by brand of cosmetics. This opens the full range of products of the selected category.



This project is a real online store with a full-fledged basket and convenient ordering. In the selected positions are visible photos, descriptions and the cost. There is also a total amount of the order, cost and delivery terms. Contacts and offline showroom location map are also displayed in the footer.


Since the Shleif works not only with a retail customer, we have made a separate page describing cooperation with beauty salons and beauty bars. The geometry of minimalism allows briefly and quickly get acquainted with the information. Slogans, philosophy and access to Instagram.



Of course, the opportunity to shop with a mobile phone. The fast and convenient scroll, categories of the range and concise page of each individual position. A soft combination of several fonts made for a harmonious transfer of the overall style of the brand.


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