Femme is a global catalog of luxury, life and style. It is designed to stimulate, inspire and inform the reader. Topics include high fashion, cinema, art, music and lifestyle. Here we made a fully responsive website and transformed the face of the brand. Our design does the impossible — it makes you to fall in love with reading the website every day. The convenient layout of buttons, blogs and graphics. Minimalism, simplicity and good taste.



The magazine is a platform for reading, engagement and information content. We sought to make it as comfortable and friendly as possible. We decided to highlight topics with categories, put the main and recent articles on the homepage, as well as create a pleasant text format. Also allow the reader to see and find the similar articles to those that has already been read.



In addition to informative content of the blog and catchy topics, femme is the shop of cool stuff. We brought it to a separate directory and created a convenient interface. The slightly cheeky geometry of the media on the page creates an interesting mood of the catalog. There are filters in size, price and direction.


For the dating — a full page about the company. Minimum graphics, maximum information content. Quotes brand philosophy, visual and opportunity to join the community.

04_femme (1).png


Of course, the adaptive mobile version of femme. The same style, the same minimalism, the same details that make the overall brand characteristic. You can scroll the pages, open the general menu and browse the gallery. Soft fonts make reading enjoyable and calm.

This project has received recognition on the site for the design. Oh yeah!


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