event website, app


Callstack is the first public conference in Europe dedicated exclusively to one programming language — React Native. Our main task was to create the most informative website and application. The platform informs people about the program of the event, time and venue, schedule of workshops, speakers, and so on. The user-friendly interface and reasonable design allowed us to do it easily.



We have created a full-fledged platform for the event. On the main page we have a description of the project, the brief information about the speakers and workshops, location and button to buy a ticket. We showed the important information, ways to get to the venue and tagging for tourists through the infographics.



For each speaker we made a separate block with the information about him and his contacts. Blocks are opened as the pop-up windows for comfortable viewing. On the side is a menu where you can quickly navigate to the desired section.


From any gadget. Mobile version is adapted. Quick access to the schedule, a graphic image of the map and the individual pages of speakers.


UX / UI Design

Art Direction

Visual Design

Creative Direction

Motion Design

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