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ASTA is a huge modern tennis academy for people of any age and sports training. On the territory of the academy there are a huge number of courts with a modern coating, hotel, gym, bars, restaurant and even a car wash. The main target of the academy is to generalize as many people as possible to tennis and bring up new talents. Our task was to develop branding and a website that will include all of the above services and will reflect the main idea of the academy.

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We have developed not only a logo but also a corporate identity for the entire academy including business cards, menus of restaurants and sports bars, etc. The main idea of the logo was to show that tennis is a sport for people from all over the world, regardless of age and sports training. We decided to combine a person and a tennis ball thus showing that tennis is not just a sport or hobby but a lifestyle.



When we started developing the site, we had the task of combining all the services of the academy and making it as convenient and accessible as possible for potential users. We began to think over a site map. The main task was to think out the most convenient booking of courts, hotel rooms and of course the purchase of training programs on the basis of the academy.


We have developed the most convenient system for booking hotel rooms, as well as booking courts and purchasing training programs. In just a few clicks you can get all the information about the hotel rooms and also choose the most convenient time to start your training, because ASTA is a tennis academy that works all year round.


pool and gym

On the territory of the academy you can find a huge pool and a modern gym. Therefore, on the site you can easily view the schedule of all trainings and the availability of trainers for personal training in the gym. You can also easily order a membership card by filling out the form directly on the site and receive it when you will arrive to academy.


The main goal of the academy is sports 24/7, so even if you are not doing tennis, you can find something to your liking. On the site you can find a schedule of all training sessions and also choose a coach for personal training.


cuisine and leisure

On the territory of the academy there is a large hotel with comfortable rooms as well as a restaurant and a sports bar. You can always relax after hard trainings with comfort and also adhere to proper nutrition.


ASTA promotes sport. Therefore, we also developed an online store where you can order all the necessary sports equipment in order to begin your training. ASTA promotes sport. Therefore, we also developed an online store where you can order all the necessary sports equipment in order to begin your training. Thanks to the simplified filtering, you can very quickly find everything you need for tennis, from sneakers to racquets in accordance with your physical data.


mobile first

And of course, first of all, we thought over the mobile version of the site. It was very important for us to create the most convenient mobile version in order to maintain the availability and convenience of booking and purchasing all the academy services. That is why we very carefully developed the mobile version of the site step by step.


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