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In this project we have objectified everything from the start. We developed the design and components of the website. We showed the bureau case pages and separately provided an opportunity to familiarize with all the design documents. White background is to give the emphasis on cases. Black and white photos to convey the mood of the work. Geometric symbols are to highlight the details.

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On the homepage we displayed the main works of the bureau, the main areas of work and a description of the company. We made an animated scroll for easy moving around the page and the page with the project exclusively in the form of a photo gallery. When you hover on the photo color appears! Here is our vision and metaphor for design and architecture :)



A separate page about the company is a concise sample. Below is contact information and a map with a convenient location search. On the portfolio page there is a filter by job category, so you can quickly find the desired project. When you hover on each case, we made an animated gallery.


Because of the focus on the main thing — on the implemented projects of the bureau. We made a page without significant textual content to focus all the attention on the projects that the company shows. There is a filter to find the project of the desired category. There is a classification of the case and only visualization.



The mobile version is adapted. Scrolls to the sides, quick access to the main menu, filter by categories and individual cases.


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